Bob the Dog

Sadly Bob has now passed on and crossed over rainbow bridge to run free with all the other pets that have gone before him.  He was the best dog and lived a long and happy 14 1/2 years.
Bob was our social director from the beginning of York Professional Pet Sitting in March 2000 – September 2012.

He was a adorable Chocolate Labrador Retriever that Glenn brought home when he was just 6 weeks old and they have been inseparable every since.
Bob’s favourite food is FOOD – anything, anytime.  He starts reminding us that dinner time is at 5:00 at about 4:00.
Bob’s favourite toy is his Orange treat ball with some kibble in it, bones and he loves his stuffed penguin and bunny rabbit.
Bob’s favourite thing to do until he was about 13 was to go on Glenn’s route with him and hang out with us.  If we are in two separate rooms of the house, he lays in the middle as he can’t pick who he would rather be with. He used to love riding in the rumble seat of our Model A Ford, but it’s getting very hard for him to get up and in it anymore.
Bob was born December 1st 1998 so he’s getting up in years but still enjoying life, just at a slower pace.

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