Ben – The Dog

After Bob left us, it wasn’t long before we missed the pitter patter of little paws around the house.    Even though we feel we have hundreds of “grand-dogs” with our clients pets, we just could not get used to coming home and not being greeted by a wagging tail and kissy dog.    Watching TV at night without
a dog curled up at our feet was just not the same.

After much consideration and research, Glenn decided on a puppy from Cawara Labs in Newmarket.     Luckily there was a litter due on October 2013 and on October 24th, Ben’s Mum “Molly Maid” gave birth to a lovely litter of Black Labs.
10300444_759640657400767_2864101468254207624_nBen and Glenn are inseparable and like Bob, Ben love to travel with Glenn in the Model A, sitting like a perfect gentleman and the hit of local car shows. Ben also has taken a liking to Dock Diving and being a Lab it does not take much convincing for him to jump in the water and retrieve a toy 🙂