AlexAlex has always been an animal lover. One of her earliest memories is reading a book about a lost dog and crying about it, even though it had a happy ending. Although never allowed to have her own cat or dog due to her family having allergies, she was determined to always be around them whenever possible. In elementary school she pestered her neighbour every day to let her walk their dog Belle. She was a shy child, but she always found the courage to ask to take the dog out. Alex loved the act of walking a dog, and this love grew as she got older. Walking her friends’ dogs as much as she could, she successfully surrounded herself with furry creatures. Once she enters a friend’s house, the dogs know they are in for a walk and a lot of love!

Despite not being allowed to have large pets, she has owned several small pets as her parents couldn’t deny her for too long. She’s had 2 bunnies (Blackie and Bugs), 2 hamsters (Henry and Holly) and 2 chinchillas (Oreo and Peanut). There have also been countless fish. She’s always been crazy about all animals, especially the more unique ones like chinchillas and those that many may not find cute (armadillos, hairless creatures, etc.).

Alex just graduated from Queen’s University, receiving her Bachelor of Arts in History with a minor in Gender Studies. When not in Newmarket, she lives with her roommate in Kingston who has a cat named Sweetie. She finally lives with a furry critter who’s not in a cage, and is rewarded with many early wake-up meows and the task of scooping her litterbox when her roommate is away. She doesn’t mind though, as Sweetie is very friendly and is always there when a cuddle is needed. Alex is pursuing her Bachelor of Education next, in the hopes of one day becoming a teacher. Ever since she was young, all Alex wanted to do was walk dogs and be a teacher. Looks like it’s working out so far! All that’s left for her to do is get her own dog, a dream she’s had since childhood. Besides being an animal lover she’s an avid reader, her favourite series being Harry Potter. She’s always listening to music as well, and screams with delight when Simple Plan comes on the radio, them being her favourite band.

Alex works for York Professional Pet Sitting during her school breaks, and loves every creature she meets. This is a dream job for her and is grateful to be with your pets!