Kim – Professional Dog Walker and Pet Care Provider

We are so happy that Kim joined our team as a Dog Walker and Pet Care Provider.  She has truly been invaluable and our clients and our furry friends adore her.

Kim has lived in Newmarket for the last 19 years and lived here as a child for several years before that.   She has a great love of all animals and grew up with dogs.  As an adult Kim has had 2 cats, 2 dogs and a bird.

She fills in where needed as a part time, but dedicated member of our team.

I love pets and love that life isn’t boring with pets!   My dog distracted me by knocking over a drink, in the living room, by the time I cleaned it up, she ate the whole steak I had been preparing in the kitchen!    One of my indoor cats always went missing, at first we would panic, and put up signs in the neighbourhood  Then,  after we found him in the ceiling, in a closed dresser drawer and in the dryer, we figured out he always turns up eventually!