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As we continue to grow we are always looking for responsible animal lovers to care for our clients pets.

This is a professional role that has very specific requirements to ensure our clients and their pets get the highest level of service.

There are no professional designations required to do this job – just a sincere desire to serve our clients, both human and furry – and we will train successful applicants to deliver the services we provide.

Please read carefully all the requirements below and if you feel you are a good match, fill out the online application below.

#1 Good availability!

Nobody has a Monday – Friday, 9-5 life anymore.   Some of our clients need us every day, others once a month.  We work as a team to ensure all of our clients needs are covered.

As a Professional Pet Care Company we are committed to being available when our clients need us.  We therefore need Pet Care Professionals who can be flexible to fit our clients needs and in turn offer flexible hours.

#2. Someone who understands that our client’s needs are a priority.

We pride ourselves on being there when our clients need us. One of the Professional elements of our business is that we never let clients or their pets down.

We, therefore, need Pet Care Professionals who are committed to the same ethics and values as us and work with the team to make themselves available for the clients and their pets at the time they need us.

#3. Someone who has their own reliable vehicle.

Getting to clients homes in a timely manner is a very important aspect of the job.   A car is required.

#4. Some who has a Smartphone with Internet Access

To complete visits for us you need to have internet access on your phone. All communication is done via this method.

#5. Someone who is serious about becoming a Pet Care Professional.

If you love and care about the well being of animals, this is an extremely rewarding and fun career.    Animals are always pleased to see you and we are very privileged that we get to spend time with our client’s pets.

We are however looking for people who not only love animals but are also committed to great customer service, working with a professional company and servicing clients to an extremely high standard.

This is a serious job and we need our team of Pet Care Professionals to take their role seriously as well.  

Does this sound like something that would suit you? Are you committed to being the best Pet Care Professional you can? excited about being Part of the best Dog Walking and pet Care team in the area? 

If so, please fill out the online application below and if suitable we will be in touch for the initial interview. 



Town you live in

Home phone

Cell phone

Email Address

Please select any or all statements that apply

I am fully licensed and own a reliable vehicleI own a smartphone with internet accessMessages can be left for me via voice mailI can send and receive text messagesI am willing to have a police background check done?I am available to work every 4th weekend

What experiences, attributes or qualifications do you feel would make you a good pet sitter?

What interests you in working with animals and representing York Professional Pet Sitting & Dog Walking?

During which of the following times are you generally available?
Please select as many as appropriate
7AM to 10AM10AM to 2PM2PM to 4PM4PM to 7PM7PM to 10PM

Anything else you would like to share about yourself?