Cat Care

Happy at Home

Happy at Home

Our team of cat lovers is here to help you with all your cat care needs.    We all know that cats are happiest in their own home environment even if you are not there.    They like being surrounded by familiar  sights, sounds and scents and keeping them at home reduces the stress of moving them to a cattery, vets or friends house.

When we visit we take care of food, water and scooping litter, providing any necessary medication including insulin, then if your cat is playful we will play with them, if they prefer snuggles and pets, that’s what we will do.    If they would just like to hide under the bed till the person leaves, we will leave them alone, but we will  peak to ensure we see those little eyes peeking out to ensure they are ok and not in any distress.

If desired, we will also take care of picking up mail, watering plants (indoor and outdoor), bringing flyer and newspapers, taking out garbage, recycle and green bin, rotating lights and drapes.  This will give your home that “lived in” look and will reduce the chance of break-in’s if people think the house is empty.

For an extra charge we will also do a complete litter clean out.    Dumping all the existing litter, scrubbing out the litter box, drying it and re-filling with fresh litter. (YOU provide supplies)

You don’t have to be going on a holiday or business trip to use our service.  We have done litter scooping for pregnant women, seniors who can’t bend down that far, people recovering from hip, knee or other surgeries.     Pill or insulin administration when you are not comfortable with it, or just need an extra hand when life gets busy.

The next time you are looking for some help with your cat care needs.    Give us a call, fill out the contact form on the left, or feel free to email us at   We are the PURRRR-fect solution.


– Stay in their own familiar environment.

– A lot of people have rescue cats and to remove them from their home again, can be very stressful.

– Reduce stress which reduces illness and injury

– Not exposed to other pets that may have health issues

– No additional vaccinations necessary

– One on one play and snuggle time

– They can still curl up on your bed for a cat nap

– They know every time you walk out the door your will come back through it


– You don’t have to drop your cat off and walk away wondering if they are going to like their new home.

– You don’t have to wait to pick them up the next day, they will be waiting for you when you get home.

– Peace of mind knowing that your home is also being checked while you are away.

– Reduced expense of extra vaccinations

– Your cat wont be exposed to other animals.