Benefits of Daily Dog Walking

Our lives have changed greatly over the last 2 decades.  Gone are the days of 9-5 jobs, gone are the days of coming home to dinner on the table and sending the kids out to play in the neighbourhood after dinner while letting the dog run around off leash in the neighbourhood getting lots of exercise, socialization and stimulation.

Today we all work crazy hours, spend more time commuting, have to come home and put dinner on the table and then a lot of the time head right back out to another activity or meeting.

We know you are a responsible pet parent who cares about the physical and mental health of your pet, but it’s just hard to find the time or the energy to give them the amount of excersise and stimulation that they need to live a healthy long life.   Does this mean that you and your family cannot enjoy all the wonderful benefits of having a family pet.  NO, of course not, it just means that like other aspects of your life you have to have plans in place to make sure your four legged family member gets the care it needs.

This is where we can help you.

Benefits to YOU

  • Peace of mind knowing your dog is getting the physical exercise it needs as well as the mental stimulation.
  • Your dog will not be bouncing off the walls when you get home desperate for attention and to get out and do their business.
  • Reduces risk of you having to take your dog to the vet for injuries and illness caused by lack of activity and being over-weight – including bladder, urinary tract, kidney, respiratory or joint problems.
  • Happy dog = Happy pet parents.  A bored dog can become destructive and barky; a dog that gets a mid-day walk is much less likely to be bored and more likely to be better socialized and well behaved.
  • A well socialized dog is welcome in more of your friends and families homes.
  • NO STRESS – if you get stuck in traffic, or the train is delayed you may have other things to worry about but you won’t have to worry about your dog.  You’ll know that they have had a visit mid-day and will be fine till you get home.  Or you can call us and ask us to go over and let them out again and give them dinner.
  • Re-enforcement of training techniques – we work with you on your pets training. Walking provides routine practice for using basic commands such as “heel”, “sit”, “stay”, and “come”. (Dog walking is NOT a replacement for proper basic obedience training. We only support the dog’s established training through repetition.)

Benefits to your dog

  • Regular exercise to ensure good physical and mental health  A dog at it’s ideal weight is likely to live 2 years longer than an over-weight dog .. YEAH!!!
  • Better behaved because it’s not longer a bored couch potato.
  • Exercise improves a dog’s muscle tone, eliminates the risk of illness or injury caused by inactivity and carrying around too much weight.
  • A break in a long day waiting for their family to come home.
  • Opportunity to releive themselves.  Yes they maybe “able” to hold it but that does not mean its good for their bladder, urinary tract or kidneys.

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